excursions with vehicle

If you like the idea to discover El Hierro, its history, its traditions and its wonderful nature and you do have only little time or you are not a trekking lover ... we offer you  our itineraries with short and easy walks to get more deeply in contact with the place.

Every excursions is a full day, it is done with a comfortable vehicle; the price includes a delicious snack during the route. 

PANORAMIC ROUTE ...  an idea of the island through the heights of its “mirador” and the visit to the most symbolic places of its traditions and nature.

NORTHERN ROUTE ... to explore the norther part of the island with an easy, beautiful walk into the “laurisilva” forest and the discover of the  coastline of El Golfo with its natural pools and the Hotel Punta Grande, the smallest in the world. 

SOUTHERN ROUTE ... through the most extreme and emblematic places of the island, from the “Sabinas” tortured by the Trade Winds to the Mar de las Calmas, we will observe the geologic evolution of El Hierro walking on its recent and spectacular lava flows.

VIDEO:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94R_wMYR7Q8


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