hiking with joëlette

The Joëlette is a single-wheeled chair held by two assistants that can be used on any terrain to transport children or adults with disabilities, even those who are heavily dependent. The chair can also be used by elderly people who like hiking, who can alternate walking with being carried in the Joëlette.

The Joëlette lets you:
- Participate in a group activity: family, friends, association, etc.
- Discover places that had been previously impossible to get to
- Get out and about, and enjoy a change of scenery
- Discover nature areas

Designed for both family excursions and sports use, use of the Joelette is solely limited by the physical capacities of the assistants.

Atlantidea  participated in a Formation Course of pilots and passengers for the conduction of the Joëlette Level 1 organized by the Asociación Montaña Para Todos in Santa Cruz de Tenerife the 29th of january 2012.

VIDEO JOELETTE   (Asociación Montaña Para Todos):   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAo_Yi6siXk&

The Joëlette used in our activities are courtesy of El Hierro Island Council, Department of Environment.

Please, contact us for any kind of information.

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