hiking with us

The island has a trails' network to travel it completely, heritage of a past, not even too remote, when people and animals use to move from one village to another only by walking.

… why walking with us?

… certainly not because otherwise you will get lost!… since most of the trails are well marked, but to have the opportunity to enrich a beautiful and healthy hike in a wonderful and very various nature with something we can add to it: you will get to know the variety of the nature interpreting its changes depending of the altitude and the exposition, learning how to discover the native flora and its peculiarity; you will observe the many geologic forms given by the hundreds volcanoes with different kinds of eruptions during the format of the island; you will go back to the time of the "Bimbache" and the Conquerors learning about the history through the chronicles an legends still alive along the trails and looking at the future with the important projects of the Island.

With your car you can get to a Meeting Point where each route begins and where we will bring you back with our vehicle at the end of the route, with many advantages:

. you don't need to re-walk the same path to go back to your car;

. along the trail we give you informations of historical and naturalist interest;

. our vehicle will be available at various points of the route with water and snacks.

... Important!

We recommend appropriate clothing and comfortable footwear (preferably hiking boots). It is also advisable to bring enough food and drink, in addition to sunscreen, hat, protective jacket against the wind or rain, trekking poles and warm clothing, especially in the winter months. Certainly a good idea is to use different layers of clothing that can be easily removed and replaced.

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