If you have little time and would like to have the sensation of traveling through a vast land ...  El Hierro is the place to explore:  of its 278 square kilometers of volcanic craters, its landscapes and vegetation change ceaselessly, becoming one of the most representative places of the Biodiversity in the Canaries.  El Hierro is at the southwestern most point of the archipelago and, until the discovery of America, was the edge of the known world;  it was the site of the prime meridian until its move to Greenwich. The  clouds, the wind, the ocean and the topography of the island work together to make you experience a huge diversity of climactic conditions in just over 1500 meters of elevation, though not so extreme as to make the experience unpleasant.  Being on El Hierro is like traveling through time, towards the origins of our planet:  lava flows that seem barely cooled into twisted forms, covered with the first lichens (the beginnings of life) and elsewhere lava that has been perpetually worn down by the sea and wind.  Then, high above, a dense covering of shrubs until the beginnings of the laurel-leaved forests, living examples of the Tertiary period and the Canary endemic pine forests.  El Hierro is a great little treasure that was named “Biosphere Reserve” in the Year 2000. Moving around El Hierro, one's heart and soul open to the colors that have poured out from the volcano all the way to the sea, to the fragrances carried by the trade winds in the crystalline atmosphere, to the wonder of the breathtaking views ... one is overwhelmed with a sense of hope that places like this exist, where the presence of man succeeds in finding a balance and a respect for nature and its incredible generosity.  We look forward to accompanying you on your discovery of El Hierro: we would host you with the enthusiasm of sharing the love that we have for this place, for its gentle, age-old rhythms and for the pleasure of offering all that we can to make your vacation as relaxing and restorative as possible:  movement, discovery, excitement, good food, and well-deserved moments of rest with no need to worry about anything, as time opens up and your gaze is allowed to range across the infinite expanse of the sea ...  Enjoy your trip!...

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